Key Website Updates During Covid-19

Oct 13, 2020

Though these times are uncertain, it’s an opportunity to polish parts of your business that have been neglected, like updating your website.

As authorities are taking measures to ensure the safety and well-being, many small businesses are being forced to close or move their operations online. We’ve gathered the most important website updates to help your small business customers as COVID-19 keeps many of us at home.

You need to keep your customers informed.

Update your opening hours

If you have a physical store location, this is one of the first changes you should make. People are nervous about venturing out and the last thing they need is to arrive at your shop only to find it’s closed.

You may have signage posted at your physical location, letting people know that your opening hours have changed. However, you may not have thought of updating your displayed hours on your website yet.

This is equally as important, as it will prevent customers from leaving their homes to visit your business, only to learn that it isn’t open. This short trip can further the spread of the virus and create frustration for your customers. Updating the hours on your site will avoid these negatives altogether.

Tell your customers of operating changes

You’ll also want to let your customers know if anything about your operation has changed. Once again, this helps avoid frustration, confusion, and the spread of the virus. Your operational updates should answer questions like:

  • Are you still doing deliveries?
  • Do we have to book an appointment?
  • Are you taking on new clients?
  • Will my booking be cancelled?
  • What payment methods do you accept?

Adding a clear and concise section on your website dedicated to addressing these sorts of concerns will put your customers at ease.

Ramp up your social interactions

A great way to inform customers that you are still operational during this time is to increase your posts and interactions on social media. Social media is one of the most cost-effective methods of reaching your customers, and with everyone staying at home, people may be more likely to read your posts.

In addition to keeping your customers connected through social media, you can also create new website content, like videos and blog posts. This way, customers don’t feel as isolated from your service during the upcoming weeks.

The current pandemic is a stressful experience for businesses and consumers alike. However, it’s also a great time to focus on the customer and keep them connected to your service at all times. Updating your website is one of the best ways to stay close to your customers while also maintaining your distance.

At IH Media, we have Website Maintenance packages available that can be tailored to your business needs.